Welcome to the sixth in our “Women In Biz All Around WordPress” feature that will run the 1st Sunday of every month. It’s a new series where we spotlight amazing women and the ways in which they have used WordPress to spread their message, sell their products, or provide valuable services.

The hope is to inspire other midlife women to build their online businesses and find what we’re all looking for; financial freedom, a lifestyle they love, and excitement they may have been missing! All of these women are clients of mine who have inspired me over the years and I think they will inspire you as well.

This month I want to introduce you to Doreen McGettigan from DoreenMcGettigan.com. Doreen is an Author, a Writing Coach & a Writing Consultant. If you’ve ever thought about writing & publishing a book then Doreen is someone who you absolutely need to know!

For years, she has been a blogger who has lent a helping hand to other women who dream of becoming an Author. Offering advice & support to anyone who takes the time to listen. These days, though, she’s taken that a step further and by opening her own consulting business she can work with clients one on one giving them useful advice, important tips, and ideas that you may not have even considered!

Just like with anything in life when you put yourself in the hot seat you look for advice from the pros that have come before you and that’s exactly what Doreen is. A consummate professional, an encouraging consultant & also a pretty amazing friend. We’ve been blogging buddies for a long time, meeting at a Blogging Conference years ago, but after winning a contest in 2016 she became a client and has been ever since.

Let’s hear from Doreen:

Tell us a little bit about you

I live just south of Philadelphia, am married to a man I met on Match.com 13 years ago. (Its never too late) Together we have 5 kids and 13 grandkids. I’m a bestselling author, award-winning blogger, speaker and teacher. I help people write, publish and market books. I’m on the board of Family Promise (homeless organization) and I volunteer at the shelter and drive the van.

What made you first decide to build a blog or website? How long have you had your site?

I started my blog 8 years ago to connect with other writers while I was writing my first book.

What is your niche?

Writing/Publishing and Marketing. I also do some influencing, caregiving, travel and family stuff.

Of all of your blog posts or pages on your site which is your favorite?

Any that include my grandchildren.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram because it’s so easy and Twitter second because I get most of my clients there and media requests.

Do you find WordPress easy to maneuver or do you avoid the back end like the plague?

I avoid it like the plague. There’s so much I wish I had time to learn.

Is your site a business that makes money or a passion that makes your heart sing?

Both for sure.

If you use your site for business what do you sell or what service do you provide?

I consult on all things writing, publishing and marketing. If you’ve ever said I could write a book, we should talk.

What is one thing you’d like people to know about you?

My motto is to spend more connecting with all types of people and zero time competing.
As a published author and consultant Doreen is giving a huge helping hand up to all of those future-writers out there who want to get advice from someone who’s been there and done that!