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How to Create & Connect Your Free Opt-in To Your Website Via MailChimp

Free incentives, freebies, opt-ins, subscriber bonuses, etc all mean the exact same thing.

Anything that you can give to entice someone to subscribe to your site Some examples of those that work best:

  • Ebooks
  • .pdfs
  • Checklists
  • Tutorials
  • Discounts

Free incentives that offer REAL value in exchange for a person’s email address. These readers are “investing” so it bears mentioning that these people are your future clients, customers, or readers.

I mean let’s face it. We’re all selling something whether it is a product, service, or even your written words. As a blogger, your “selling” your work to your reader and they will start off paying with their email addresses. It’s an even exchange.

There are tons of options to create this incentive. You can pay someone or you can create it yourself. I suggest Canva, they have a robust free account (with the paid account you can save your branding colors, logo and up to 100 fonts can be installed to use in any of your designs. I have had Canva for several years and it is the ONE program where I feel as if I honestly get my money’s worth! It runs me $12.95 a month.

Some of the benefits:

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s very easy to use.
  3. Tons of premade templates
  4. Did I mention the free version?!?

Now that you’ve created that pretty new opt-in what do you do now?

STEP 1: Add it to your website media library. Upload it just like you would an image and then copy the URL.

STEP 2: Sign in to your MailChimp account and go to AUDIENCE.

STEP 3: Go to the drop-down menu on the right side and click on SIGN UP FORMS.

screenshot of MailChimp audience dashboard

STEP 4: Here you have 3 options:

  • Form builder
  • Embed form
  • Popup form

Choose the form builder option and scroll down and design your opt-in. BONUS this can also be done in Canva!

screenshot of MailChimp audience dashboard

  • Add your logo
  • Add your branding colors
  • Make sure all of your branding is consistent including the free opt-in.

STEP 5: Once you’ve designed the form itself then in the drop-down choose the CONFIRMATION THANK YOU PAGE. THIS IS WHERE WE WILL ATTACH THAT URL FROM YOUR MEDIA LIBRARY!

STEP 6: It will already have the branding you created in the sign-up form. Write a short sentence or two reminding them of what they’re getting and make it a clickable link back to the freebie in your media library where they can easily download it. If it’s a discount you can offer a coupon code that you’ve set up in your WordPress dashboard under MARKETING if you use Woocommerce! If not you can set one up on Paypal!

If you haven’t connected your website to Mailchimp yet go to PLUGINS>>ADD NEW  a search for a MailChimp WordPress plugin *there are several) and then follow the directions!

To create your own form create an image or text with our offer make a button that says subscribe and install it into the widget area Primary sidebar and point it to the URL of the MailChimp form (see image below).

screen shot of MailChimp audience dahsboard