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2-Step Verification: What It Is & Why You Need It

Over the last few weeks, one of my clients and I have been lost in cyber hell. The lovely Vintage Contessa who glamourized your Instagram feed for the last few years had her account hacked and then hijacked. You may remember her from the Women In Biz features last...

Top Design Tips to Boost Your Sales in 2020

Top Design Tips to Boost Your Sales in 2020

Running a business can be challenging, and 2020, the year of the COVID-19, has been especially trying.  You find that you are struggling to make sales, and you’re starting to worry that you may have to shut down. With the right design tips, you can boost your sales and keep your doors open, even in these challenging times.

10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Every writer has a story to share about the blogging mistakes they made at the beginning of their careers. Seasoned bloggers say there's no such thing as a mistake, only lessons learned. Let's put the words of wisdom aside for a second and help you to avoid some of...


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