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So, you have a small business. You are wondering how to market your product or service without spending a lot of money. If that sounds like you, then email marketing might be the answer. While large companies spend millions on advertising campaigns, TV commercials, and billboards, most small businesses can’t afford this type of promotion.

Instead, they rely more heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers and their social networks – but there’s still room for improvement. Email marketing proves to be an efficient way for small business owners to get their name out there while doing the work themselves. While SEO digital marketing agency plays a vital role in enhancing digital businesses, one of their strategies is email marketing.

If you have decided to become a part of the email marketing world and expand your business reach far and wide by sending emails to your customers. Congratulations! But before you jump right in, here are five benefits of email marketing for small businesses that should help motivate you even more:

#1. Email Marketing Is Affordable

You may think that email marketing is only affordable for large companies with vast resources, but it’s quite the opposite. The cost of running an email marketing campaign is very cheap and affordable for most small businesses. It costs only $2-$3 per thousand emails sent out, and that price can go even lower if you run a re-occurring promotion through the popular automation service.

#2. Email Marketing Is Targeted

There is no way to target your specific target audience with other popular forms of marketing, such as print ads or TV commercials. With this in mind, these types of advertising are rarely an effective use of time or money when attempting to promote a small business. In comparison, email marketing allows you to laser-focus your efforts on one demographic – whether they be B2C or B2B.

#3. Email Marketing Is Measurable

Traditional forms of advertising don’t offer the ability to track the success of a campaign because it all happens offline, namely in print format. In other words, there is no way to determine if your investment was worth it – until now. Email marketing allows you to see how many people opened your email and clicked through to various pages on your website and who they are and where they came from. These tools allow you to build a list of hyper-targeted leads that have been exposed to your brand, which can then be used for future outreach efforts – that’s priceless!

#4. Email Marketing Builds Trust With Your Audience

It has been mentioned before, but it’s worth repeating: with almost every other form of advertising, you cannot track who saw it and how they felt about what your company had to say. In turn, this makes it very difficult for small business owners to build a level of trust with their audience – until now.

With email marketing, you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of your messaging by seeing which subject lines generate the most opens and which content inside the email generates the most clicks through to your website or landing page. This insight is invaluable in understanding what resonates with your audience so that you can continue doing more of it!

#5. Email Marketing Is Extremely Engaging & Low-Cost

While spending money on traditional forms of advertising such as print ads or TV commercials is fun for creatives, many small businesses can’t afford it. And with no way of tracking its effectiveness, they risk throwing money away on an ad campaign that does nothing to promote their brand or business.

With email marketing, not only are you able to track the success of your campaigns, but each message sent is also engaging and cost-effective. Furthermore, most automation software allows you to schedule your email marketing efforts weeks in advance at the swipe of a finger. It removes the need for outside agencies, which helps you save even more time and money.

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Wrapping Up!

Email marketing is the modern way to reach out to current/future customers. While SEO brings in branding, email helps support SEO efforts by providing high-quality content that’s interesting and informative to your target audience. However, there are many ways you can target your audience, such as you can consult a conversion optimization agency to increase the ratio of visitors who perform a specified action on-site and using email marketing to gain their interest.

The mentioned above are five benefits of email marketing for small businesses which you can integrate into your SEO strategy.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits associated with email marketing. However, how well it works depends on whether your audience responds positively to what you have to say and if your email is engaging enough for them to take action.

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Rena McDaniel